Friday, 13 August 2010

Wanted: prettier Logo


I’m sorry that is a bit late, but I have been *really* busy with work, despite doing my best to get it closer to being complete whenever I have some free time. Just last night, I managed to make the code completion algorithm able to recursively fetch inherited or aliased members from the symbols tree, which, for me, was quite a nice breakthrough, if you ask me. :) Now, if only my hand-made minimalistic code parser was running decently… but it will soon, trust me.

Now, more to the point. As you probably already noticed in the video and screenshots, this is the stand-in logo I’ve been using for


Well, it’s very much inspired by the old simple logos for the D language that I have seen a few years ago during D1 development, and thought it would be nice. What I’m wondering is, maybe I could use something a bit more trendy and modern. Something more in line with the logos most IDEs today have. If it could have some degree of consistency with the Tango icon library, even better.

I’m accepting suggestions (preferably in the form of 256x256 png files ;). The best proposal would replace this logo and the author would be given full credit, of course. Oh, and those involved might get to test early ;). If you’re interested, please send your proposals here.

Any questions or suggestions regarding the actual program, features, and status are welcome in comments section. Or by email too, why not.


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  2. Sorry, I'm not much of an artist so I can't contribute to the logo - but I've got another suggestion:

    Support for refactoring would be nice, especially global renaming (rename a variable/function/class/module/package/.. and all sourcefiles in the workplace that use it are automatically updated) would be nice.

    This isn't something I'd expect in a first release though - but maybe it's good to keep this feature in mind while designing/coding the other stuff.

    BTW: What's the current status? :-)

    - Daniel

    (sorry for repost, I fixed a typo)

  3. Hi, Daniel.

    I've been busy with work, and had to take a break from for a while. Hence the prolongued silence.

    The autocompletion feature has been receiving some tuning whenever I get the opportunity, but I've been focusing more on getting the parser running a bit faster and reliably. Currently, Phobos code is still parsed with too many errors.

    With the amount of information that is currently stored by the autocompletion, I think refactoring is practical to implement, yes. Especially things like renaming classes or methods.

    I am also thinking of feasible ways to import and convert C++ classes to classes, interfaces or structs, which is a feature I personally would like.

    I've been following up on debuggers: the Mago debugger that is being developed recently, and GDB that now officially supports D. Good stuff there.

  4. That sounds great :-)

    I know you're busy and there is more important stuff to implement first, but I've got another idea for a feature I wanted to tell you before I forget it:
    Integration of the profiler (dmd -profile) would be cool, see:

    - Daniel